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Messages of love and healing from your loved ones on the other side.

Uppdaterat: 20 juli 2022



When you practice to become a medium, a new world is being opened up to you. Suddenly you can convey messages of pure love from loved ones on the other side. It kind of dawns on you how amazing this world and universe is and what a gift it is to help someone else heal in this way. Feelings erupt of gratitute of being alive in this world a this moment in time. The other day, a young girl came through who had passed away through an accident. It was a different experience as normally the links are upbeat and high in energy. This time it was more quiet and deep. The messages were loving and heart breaking at the same time with lots of "proof" so that the mother would know it was her. It took me a long time that evening before I could finally release the experience. Yet again I was filled with this unbreakable intention to relay the messages from the other side to those who really need to hear them. I am trully grateful that I can be a vessel for this.

Everyday, I sit in my power (sitter i kraften) which simply means that I connect with my own Guides and healing helpers. I ask for messages for myself and often also healing. Sometimes I record my messages on the Iphone and sometimes I write them down directly in my special little book.

Over and over again for over 3 years I have been getting messages that I should write a book to help others connect with their guides and to help them develop their own "channel". The book should be channeled rather than analytically written. When you channel, you simply use your other side of the brain and tune in to your higher self/guides and then write whatever comes to you. Effortlessly so to speak. The other day, I received a book on the post from an unknown "Skriv, publicera din bok" (Write and publish your book). I have no idea who sent it to me but it was certainly a reminder! I took it as a sign.

When feelings wash over you as a developing medium, you need to pause and take care of those feelings. Messages from the other side can be extremely powerful and even if they are not for you but the person you are sitting with, they may affect you. Personal development goes hand in hand with developing mediumship. Blending with higher frequencies can also affect your physical body. For example, after a session I get very hungry plus I need to drink gallons of water. I also do not want to talk to anyone as I just need me-time to wind down. However, since I started developing spirit contact in October 2021 (at a course for Camilla Elfving), I must say that I feel younger at heart (and actually in my body-fewer wrinkles :)) and more present with people I meet. I am also more grateful for everything in my life including the events that are painful.

Thank you for reading this. If you have been drawn to this post and read this far, I believe there is something calling you. Do you have dreams and hopes of developing your spiritual side? Perhaps learning to heal or to connect with spirit? It was my fear that stopped me. Fear of being judged. Fear of the other side after watching too many horror movies about ghosts. Fear of not being good enough. Etc. My first advice is to release the fear and know this: You set your own rules and if you want to connect, it will only be with loving spirits on the other side and nothing else. Also, be careful of listening to other people and their own fears. A good way to start is to attend a course so that you can learn the techniques and feel more safe. Just do it!


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